Leaders' Call to Adventure

EP23: Jennifer Faraone - Support for the Dying and the Grieving

Episode Summary

Jennifer Faraone is mother of two, a running coach, an author and a reiki practitioner who is soon to become an end of life doula. Through a remarkable series of synchronistic events she realized how important end of life support is for the dying and their loved ones.

Episode Notes

In January of this year, she came upon a traffic accident and instinctively ran to comfort a dying man named Asim.

In the aftermath of his passing, she had a strong sense she needed to write a letter to his family to let them know about his final moments. The letter found its way to them through the police department. She has since forged a close relationship with Asim's family and assisted them in honoring Asim in meaningful ways.

Deeply impacted by this time with Asim and his family and other supporting events, she purposefully embarked on formal education in how to help the dying and grieving, learning from world-renowned experts in the field. Mid-September, she will complete her certification as an End of Life Doula through the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto



Jennifer has worn many hats over the years: Occupational Therapist, Health Care Project Manager, Run Coach; Author; Reiki Practitioner; Trail Runner; Mother/Wife; and more recently, an End of Life Doula. Although these roles may be distinct from one another, they share a common thread: helping others.

Her interest in End of Life care evolved following a series of deaths and events, including the deaths of several close family members, the death of a stranger, and her volunteer work in palliative care. With each of these moments, there was fear, pain, grief and suffering; but there were also moments of calmness, beauty and peace. She realized that more could be done to help and facilitate these times of transitions, and she wants to help others, including their families and loved ones, as they embrace their own mortality and face difficult decisions at the end of life.